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As you can tell, our vision relates to many people, from each generation getting involved to volunteer, to plan, to implement, to operate, to promote, to recruit, to preserve our schools and the communities they serve.

As we launch The Inter-generational Enterprise Global Initiative, we are searching for individuals already with connections at a school site and possibly already apart of their schools Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association and Alumni Association.

Also individuals who may have an interest of starting a student government association at their daughters school or starting a P.T.A., etc.

We are looking for people who understand the importance of “every school having a functioning Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association and Alumni Association,” as a prerequisite of building up the capacity of a school to administer the school’s garden, farmers market and eventually a grocery store.

We are also seeking individuals who represent companies/organizations to adopt 1st Saturdays as the monthly volunteer day and identify schools in their region, their employees/families/friends/customers can attend to volunteer.

We are also seeking college students to document the progress each month in their community. To assist the Student Government Association in hosting their meeting, keeping their minutes, planning and attending 1st Saturdays.

We will need individuals who are willing to start these main three organizations (or one or two of them) because many schools do not have these organizations functioning.

In this case, as stated before, the individual would be willing to gain the Principal’s approval to promote 1st Saturdays around the school and to recruit students, parents, and alumni to have the conversation of starting these organizations.

For example, lets say George Carver high school has none of these organizations. The Principal approves 1st Saturday’s by SAVING ALL THE 1ST SATURDAYS OF THE YEAR and describes them as “Volunteer/ Recruitment Day.”

After the Principals approval, we need individuals who like to promote. This individual most enjoy planning events. This individual must enjoy bringing people together. Must like putting up posters. Must like passing out flyers. Must like inviting guest speakers. Coordinating activities, i.e. chess, domino’s, checkers,face paintng). Managing booth spaces. But most importantly…individuals who like to recruit other individuals from within the school to assist them in accomplishing all the above and more.

Typically, schools have a few teachers, parents, a few students, a few alumni, who play a major role in supporting school based activities. But what happens when those few students graduate? A teacher decides to relocate? A non-profit losses its funding? Often times, the programs they managed suffers. We believe, schools have an opportunity to create a standard of culture through these three main school based organizations functioning and collaborating that promotes healthy, sustainable, communities.

With the major three always functioning with the vision of collaborating to operate the schools garden, farmers market and grocery store, the school is able to maintain these type of projects beyond a few dedicated individuals or a few non-profit organizations that may have funding for a year or two, but when their funding is cut, the program can no longer can function.

If one of these individuals describes you, contact us.

The above are strictly volunteers (no paid positions).

Tell us about yourself!

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